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Vermont Confectionery

Bennington, Vermont 802-447-2610

presents the finest in

Maple syrup and sugar candy



 500 ml
(16.9 Oz.)

 Rectangular bottle


 250 ml
(8.45 Oz.)

 100 ml  (3.4 Oz.)

50 ml
(1.7 Oz.)
 Leaf Bottle




   Vermont  Grade A   Grade  B
   Fancy  Medium Dark  
 Gallon  $62.95  $61.95.  $61.95  $61.95
 1/2 Gallon $38.95  $37.50  $37.50  $37.50
Quart $22.50  $21.50  $21.50  $21.50
 Pint  $13.00  $12.50  $12.50  $12.50
 8 Ounce  $8.25  $7.75  $7.75  $7.75

There is no Fancy syrup available from the 2007 crop


 Maple Sugar Candies are available as 100% pure Maple Sugar Candy
 Maple syrup&Pancake mix gift pack
 Maple syrup&Pancake mix gift pack

 8 Ounccce Maple Box  $14.95
 4 Ounce Maple Box  $8.95
 Large Leaf or Moose $3.50
 4 Piece Leaf, Frog or Bear $3.50
 Maple Butter 9 Ounce Jar $12.95
 Sweet Maple Mustard $5.95
 Maple Horsereadish Mustard $5.95
 Barbeque Sauce with Vermont Maple Syrup $7.95
 Maple Hard Candy $10.95/lb
 Maple syrup&Pancake mix gift pack $21.95
 Maple Cookies $6.25





Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

In the early spring, when the sap is collected and the maple syrup is produced, the first saps produces the lightest syrup. As the season progresses, the syrup becomes darker. The grades are based on the color of the syrup and are regulated by the state.

 Vermont Grade A Fancy- light amber color and a delicate maple bouquet. A mild maple flavor, excellent on foods which permit its subtle flavor to be appreciated.  Vermont Grade A Dark Amber- dark amber color and a robust maple bouquet. A hearty maple flavor, also very popular for table and all around use.
 Vermont Grade A Medium Amber- medium amber color and pronounced maple bouquet. Characteristic maple flavor, popular for table and all around use.  Vermont Grade B- the strongest and darkest grade maple syrup, primarily used for cooking or for adding natural maple flavor to further processed foods.

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